About Sonia McDonald

With over 20 years experience in the human resources space and a passion for everything to do with leadership, organisational development and talent management, I have created a one stop blog for everything new, amazing and best practice in those arenas.

Whether it is the latest book, theory, practice, model or insight into these areas, I want to know about it and I want to share it. I have been blessed with an incredible drive, energy and ability to learn, reflect and research all there is to know about the world of leadership, talent management and many other areas pertaining to attracting, finding and retaining your talent – I just love it!

I have travelled and worked all around the world; I have worked in some amazing roles, with some great companies and met some incredible people. All of whom I have learnt a great deal from…I hope I learn something from you in return with my new LeadershipHQ blog.

Dedicated to knowledge sharing and networking – I am the Vice President of Professional Development for the Australian Human Resources Institute Queensland State Council as well as being pretty well connected on LinkedIn!

Look forward to sharing my LeadershipHQ journey with you!

Sonia McDonald


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