Organisational Development Competencies…

Recently a colleague and I were discussing the competencies, traits and key skills that Organisational Development Practitioners need in today’s world…Big question!

It is exciting to see Organisational Development taking up its vital role within the organisation and system, but does the CEO or Human Resources for that matter know what OD is really about?

So I decided to put the answer out there to my network. I would have to say, an interesting topic and one will simliar answers.

  • Persistence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Integrity/Honesty
  • Good listener/communicator
  • Strong leadership/coaching skills

Yes agree with another colleague of mine in relation to the above – similar to leadership qualities? A must have is Integrity – but I think this is an innate quality.

Then we have;

  • Organisational Awareness & understanding of own organisation
  • Marketing OD
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Consulting Skills
  • Managing Service Level Agreements
  • Analysing & evaluating metrics & data
  • Advanced Facilitation Skills
  • Interpersonal skills
I for one love my role in the OD space, I am always learning and improving my strengths, competencies and skills in this arena, but how do we truly take up our role in organisational development – and ultimately partner with the CEO and Human Resources? One colleague mentioned that we need to be holistic in our role as well as have an understanding of our stakeholders and their capability. I agree.
If you are interested in more information in this area – I have attached a great piece of information on this subjection a word document.

I would welcome and love your insight on this area.

Enjoy! Sonia


3 responses to “Organisational Development Competencies…

  • Keith Flanagan

    Hi Sonia,

    I’ve looked through your list of attributes and I agree with all of them. However, I would add Emotional Intelligence as a major tool that is required in the OD Specialist’s kitbag.

    For me, OD is often about change. In order for change to be communicated and bought into, the OD professional must tread carefully within the business space at all levels. He or she must understand the culture and politics of the organisation and be able to empathise with stakeholders in order to make successful value propositions. Social awareness plus awareness of self are key components in EI as is the ability to understand and cater for inevitable resistance.

    Best wishes,


  • Vasudevan Alasingachar

    I found the checklist by janice Williams gives you a head start to gauge your inbuilt OD competencies and those you need to nurture and culture in practice. I have used it for my students of ODCP in India. I liked your blog on the competencies and Iam sure a lot more consistent wor need be done by people like us. Good luck.
    Vasu from bangalore India.

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