Groups on Linkedin

Okay, okay, I am a huge fan of Linkedin and some would say a bit of a super user. I even train professionals nationally on how to get the best out of Linkedin.

If you want some tips – check out my blog on 20 ways to use Linkedin. I have attached a great little tips link.

One of the most powerful applications on Linkedin are the GROUPS. Now being in the leadership and talent management space, I make it my business to be part of groups in these areas! Not only do I learn from these groups, I am connecting and part of a network of amazing people, knowledge and intelligence. You can ask questions, answer questions, become known as a thought leader and connect with people all over the world! Just think of your growth, learning, journey and opportunities! I should work for Linkedin, I am such a fan..,(by the way, I don’t get paid for my excitement and passion for Linkedin in any way, so this blog is just me sharing my experiences – if you were wondering!).

One of my favourite groups is Harvard Business Review and they have some fantastic posts, people, information…and links to blogs, books and the latest and greatest in leadership, change, talent and innovation.

Check out this new blog on:

The words many managers are afraid here to read!

Check out my profile and have a look at my favourite groups – and you can start your own! I have 2 groups!

Now leaders and talent professionals – go forth and get yourself on Linkedin Groups!


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